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Craig Morgan says he's "so excited about the new music."  The country star's next release, The Journey (Livin' Hits), features four fresh tracks including his current single, "Wake Up Lovin' You," along with eight fan favorites. 

Craig explains that with the mix listeners can hear "the journey" he's taken to arrive where he is today.  The singer adds that the new material "looks ahead to the future" while the older songs showcase the "core" of who he is as an artist. 

Morgan's "The Journey" will be in stores on September 3rd. 

Craig Morgan's "The Journey (Livin' Hits)" Track Listing:

1. "Wake Up Lovin' You" 
2. "We'll Come Back Around" 
3. "Party Girl" 
4. "If Not Me" 
5. "More Trucks Than Cars" 
6. "This Ole Boy" 
7. "International Harvester" 
8. "Tough" 
9. "Little Bit of Life" 
10. "Redneck Yacht Club" 
11. "That's What I Love About Sunday" 
12. "Almost Home"