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Keith Urban is sharing more of his "Idol" time -- and his sense of humor -- through a new video series. 

The country star has launched the weekly "Idol Chatter," in which he's giving a "behind-the-scenes look" at life on "American Idol."  In Wednesday's premiere episode Urban points out his fellow judges' luxury trailers before taking viewers inside his more humble accommodations -- a small U-Haul cargo trailer -- which he takes in stride. 

Keith then takes a seat on a metal folding chair and starts the tour of his cramped quarters.  His highlights include a wardrobe rack of shirts and jeans, his guitars propped up in the corner behind him, his "food" -- consisting of little more than a couple of bananas on the floor -- and his "boom box" -- a cell phone that he puts in a red solo cup. 

Urban says he decided to make "Idol Chatter" just to "have a bit of fun" during his downtime, and "show a bit" of what "American Idol" producers "won't let you see." 

Check out the first episode below!