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Beyonce is sitting down for an interview with the Kid President.  The ten-year-old Internet sensation and motivational speaker spoke to the superstar about World Humanitarian Day, but couldn't help asking some more personal questions. 

In the video uploaded to his "SoulPancake" YouTube page, Beyonce said that she couldn't believe she was sitting with "the" Kid President and that she was "very excited" to meet the pint-sized comedian. 

She did her best to keep a straight face while answering his questions about the United Nations' special day honoring international aid workers living in dangerous parts of the world. 

Monday marked the tenth anniversary of the bombing on its Baghdad headquarters that killed 22 people.  When the Kid President asked Beyonce what she felt the world needed more of, the pop star told him that the world needed more "strong and empowered men and women."  He replied, "Good answer."