From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

The area Chamber of Commerce reports economic growth in Berkeley County.

Central True Value, has been a family owned business in Moncks Corner for the last 38 years.  The hardware store survived a tight economy, and the owners said they are finally feeling relief.

"We are seeing some sales growth this year and even more encouraging, we're seeing the number of transactions on a daily basis increase," owner, Kevin Housand, said.

He attributes the growth in part to more variety in the store and in part to a recovering economy.

Elaine Morgan, CEO of the Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce, said total retail spending in the county is up.

"In two years, retail sales in Berkeley County  increased 13 percent," Morgan.

One of the factors in the economic growth is growth in the population of Berkeley County.  The latest census data shows  a nearly 7 percent increase in the population between 2010 and 2012.

County Supervisor, Dan Davis, believes the growth will continue with larger industry as well.

"I think Berkeley County is very fortunate.  We have the Cooper River," he explained.  "We have lots of land area for industrial activity that doesn't need the port."

Morgan also attributes the growth to a focus on buying local, and Housand says he strives to serve the people who shop in his store.

"We are very closely tied to our community and the things that happen here. So that's been a big focus of ours."

Photo Credit: Mark VanDyke Photography