However, they are now relaying the likelihood the storm is no longer a tropical storm and sending Hurricane Hunters to verify this idea.  The estimated center is located just southwest of Puerto Rico and is moving quickly to the west-northwest around 29 MPH.

Chantal, or the remnant wave, will move over Hispanola later today then over Cuba Thursday.  On this track, much of the system will be eradicated and only slight possibilities of re-intensification exist once the system moves back over water.

The official forecast from the National Hurricane Center shows whatever is left of the system moving up the Florida peninsula and into the Carolinas by early next week.

"We are confident Chantal is no longer a tropical cyclone and probably won't be again. Most indications are this will just be a blob of moisture moving across the southeastern United States which will just add more juice to an already unsettled pattern which was forecast to develop even without the tropical influences," said Storm Team 2 Meteorologist Josh Marthers.

Mayor Billy Swails asked the town's attorney to draft a hands free ordinance. The committee will review that ordinance in their next meeting in August. If approved, the ordinance will be discussed with all members of the town council. Members must vote on the bill twice before it becomes law.

If the hands free ordinance is approved both times, the town could begin enforcing the ban in September.

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