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What was originally planned as a public hearing on the Clements Ferry Road project was later changed to a community outreach meeting to explain the services Berkeley County provides to Daniel Island residents Wednesday night.

Supervisor Dan Davis said they wanted to give the public information, but they also wanted to hear from the public. "We were looking, if we needed to know something, we wanted the public to give that back to us. So we know which items that may need addressing."

Lynn Tate has lived on Daniel Island for years. "Well, I was excited about the meeting, because I was serving on the safety committee board for the property association."

Tate is a retired Navy nurse who has lived in the area for years. She and her neighbors had some concerns. "We've been talking about these issues, especially the disaster preparedness and the emergency response for three years now."

During the presentation, she likes what she heard about 911 response times from the county. "It was great to hear that things have improved. Response times are more efficient."

And while it wasn't discussed directly, the secession talk is not far from the minds of many on the island. State Senator Larry Grooms lives on Daniel Island. He said the meeting was good for the island and the county. "I represent constituents on both sides of the river, Charleston and Berkeley. And I think it's a good exercise in civics. And it's a shame that there are folks on Daniel Island that feel like their county government has let them down to the point that they want to explore annexation."

Some in the audience, like Tate, may have heard what they needed to hear in order to want to stay in Berkeley County. "I didn't see any positive benefit to go into Charleston County, from my perspective, except for the issues we had with EMS, and now that that's resolved, I think we ought to stay where we are."

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