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  A Harleyville murder suspect allegedly boarded a school bus filled with students just minutes after the crime, according to Deputies.

Officials said Steve Elmore is accused of murdering Mark Anthony Daniel early Friday morning off of Iris Lane in Dorchester County. It's a small, two lane road that was Laura Williams' definition of tranquility until that morning.

"I just walked my granddaughter out to get on the bus," Williams said. "I just heard a gunshot, and I came out the door, and I saw a gentleman just lying there."

According to authorities, Elmore's mother is a substitute school bus driver who pulled up to the scene, which was part of the bus route for Dorchester District 4 schools. When the mother pulled up, Deputies say Elmore boarded the bus, with the murder weapon in his hand, to speak with his mother.

Officials said Elmore did not stay on the bus for a long period of time, and the conversation was not violent. When students arrived to Woodland High School, they reported the situation to school officials saying they were frightened when the saw the dead body of the victim.

Williams' granddaughter was on that bus.

" I can't even think about it," she said. "I'm not sleeping good at night right now. I keep seeing it all over again every time I close my eyes."

Elmore is currently in jail charged with murder. Officials said Elmore will not face any additional charges for boarding the school bus. They also said that his mother is not facing any charges at this time.

Calls to Dorchester District 4 officials seeking comment for this story have not been returned.

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