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The Dorchester Road widening project has been ongoing since 2011, with November 2013 as the predicted end date. However, delays are now causing this project to be pushed back into 2014.

Why? The biggest reason is the rain.

Not only is the constant bad weather keeping the workers off site, which would be the obvious problem, it is also affecting the pavement mixture and the amount of cement in the base of the road.

Mark Casey is the resident construction engineer of the project. He says there needs to be about 3.5% cement in the pavement mixture, and right now there is not enough for a quality structure. "The people coming up and down the road have seen that we've got bumps and you've seen pot holing in the area and a lot of that is due to weather. Basically with the recent rains, we've seen a lot of that, especially with the new surfaces we've placed."

"We've had some areas that we have noticed that we don't have the cement content in the base that we would like to have so we are addressing those, we are looking into that."

The Department of Transportation has been called in to look at the levels of cement in the base mixture. Casey says the problem is already being handled with the contractors. "We've discussed that with the contractor and any areas where we have found that there is deficient cement in the area, the contractor has agreed that they will go back and fix those areas."

The cement problems, coupled with the rain delays, are all pushing the date of the project back farther and farther. As of right now, the projected completion date has gone from November 2013 to March of 2014.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.