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Three Lowcountry families are homeless Monday night after fires rip through homes from West Ashley to Mount Pleasant.

Earlier Monday afternoon, crews responded to Cabrill Drive in West Ashley to find a home fully engulfed in flames.

"Our neighbors across the street, their little boy was screaming 'Oh my gosh it's on fire!' So we had to come across the street to see and when we looked, the whole roof was on fire," Julie Bell said.

Bell lives just down the street from the home and was worried the fire would spread to her home that was also struck by lightning earlier this month. She said Monday night's flames literally melted pieces of the home off.

"[The flames were] very large. Started in the top left corner where the chimney was and we watched it spread across the roof all the way to the other side. We could see the siding melting," she said.

Neighbors say lightning is the cause of the fire, but investigators haven't officially released a cause as of Monday night.

Crews in Mt. Pleasant also battled a fire Monday night in the Molasses Creek neighborhood. Witnesses say they heard thunder and saw lightning shortly before smelling smoke. Fire officials say the flames were initially too big for crews to fight.

"It got above their heads and it was burning over their heads, so we backed the crews out and went to defensive fire for their safety," Battalion Chief Steve Drozd said.

Drozd said the second floor of the home seems to be completely destroyed. The roof of the home also collapsed due to the flames. No one was at the home when the flames broke out.

A home in North Charleston was also destroyed during Monday's storms. Despite the busy night, officials said these type of situations are common.

"It's pretty common.," Drozd said. "In the area, we had another one in [Mt. Pleasant] while this one was going on. The City of Charleston had two or three they were working on so lightning can be pretty hairy in this area."

No injuries were reported in any of the fires.

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The photo used in conjunction with this story is a stock image, not a photograph of the actual house fires.