From our News Partner at WCBD-TV:

According to the Berkeley County School District spokesperson, a Goose Creek High School student has been treated and released from the hospital after a stray bullet hit the student while on campus.

The incident happened Tuesday, and it's believed the shot was fired from an off-campus location.

 The following is the automated call made the parents Tuesday:

"Good evening, Goose Creek and Sedgefield families:

This is Principal Jimmy Huskey from Goose Creek High School.  I would like to inform you of an incident this evening at Goose Creek High School.  A student was injured by a stray bullet believed to have been fired from an off-campus location.  The student has been treated and released from medical attention and is home with family.  The school and district are cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation of this incident to help ensure the safety of our students.   Goose Creek High School and its neighboring schools, Sedgefield Intermediate and Sedgefield Middle, will follow normal bell schedules on Wednesday.  Please be assured that the safety of our students is our highest priority.  Thank you for your support of our students and school community."

Wednesday, all Berkeley County School District schools are currently scheduled to operate according to a regular schedule.

Photo Credit: zimmytws Shutterstock