From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

(WCBD) Friends and family visited Sullivan's Island Monday morning to remember Hugh Buyck.  Police say Buyck drowned early Saturday morning after he fell from a docked boat at Tolers Cove, in Charleston County.

His body was found a couple hours later not far from the scene. Those at the event on Monday shared fond memories and the painful reminder of just how quickly life can change.

If one wanted the takeaway on Hugh Buyck, from Monday's memorial, where balloons were released at sunset, it would be that he was well liked, had very good friends, he was caring and fun loving.

Those from Wando High School and others he connected with throughout his 17 years, packed a sliver of beach to pen a note onto a balloon. The written memories would be launched into the sea breeze and quickly fade from sight. All shared in the experience which helped them cope with the loss of a spirited friend-- those like Mary Lawton.

“We are all here because we miss him so much and we know he's in a better place. It's tragic and we are all going to miss him." said Lawton.

Those there on Monday also shared another common thread. Reverend Alfred T.K. Zadig Jr. from Saint Michael’s Church, presided over the informal event. He like many of Buyck ’s friends talked about how fragile life is, kids who sometimes least expect it, are blindsided by unexpected change.

"Life can change on a dime. You know kids coming down here just to be together and to say we don't know why but we are here together that's an awesome thing." said Zaqdig.

Hugh Buyck would have been a senior next fall at Wando High School.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.