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You may not find a future NFL first-rounder on the roster for the Medal of Honor bowl, but that doesn't mean the athletes competing don't have a chance at the pros.

 "There is plenty of talent in college football. There are maybe 400 to 500 players that are on that cutting edge to making it in pro football," says Chairman Tommy McQueeney, who claims the bowl tried to invite potential 4th-7th round picks.

 According to McQueeney, what makes the MOH bowl stand out from the other all-star college games, is the fact that these guys are indeed on the cusp. "I think in these other games they may lean on each other. In this game you are going to see some hitting."

 Florida defensive tackle Damien Jacobs agrees that there will be no playing soft this Saturday. "Everybody is out here playing hard. I know every snap on the line is hard because it's an audition. Every snap. So you got to take the best of the opportunity you have," says Jacobs.

 Talk about pressure. One weeks worth of practices, one game and one final chance to impress the people that matter. "It's kind of like a whole second chance at a season in front of the scouts," says Jacobs. "And scouts like this because they know everybodys intentions out here and know everyone is playing hard. Just being out here in the last two days I think I have improved my stock already so it's been a benefit for me."

 Call it an audition, an opportunity, another chance to make those NFL dreams a reality. "Since 8 years old it's been my dream. I've lived one dream already to play college football at a major level. Now the second one is to try and get paid for it."

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