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There was a growing roar of protest coming from a small lane in Mt. Pleasant Sunday afternoon.

More than 20 neighbors of May Lane in the Old Village gathered to voice their concerns with the construction of the Old Village Armory, a gun shop slated to come right in the middle of the neighborhood.

The store is less than a mile away from a school, two churches and just a stone's throw away from Boyd's yard.

"This is home," Virginia Boyd said.

The history of May Lane is etched in the houses and the people of this area. Boyd has lived in this area for more than 80 years and can name who lives in each house and for how long. But, one thing she can't say is why the town would allow a gun shop right in her backyard.

"I was in shock," Boyd said. They didn't have the courtesy to come by, ring the bell and state this is what they were planning."

Some of the neighbors at the peaceful protest admitted that the plan is already in place for the construction of the gun shop. Because of that, some suggested asking the town to build a fence that would allow traffic to enter from Coleman Boulevard and block the neighborhood from the store.

The building permit for the shop was approved back in October. There are no ordinances that dictate where a gun shop can be built. The only establishments that are forced to follow an ordinance are gun ranges, strip clubs and tattoo parlors.

Still, neighbors said the presence of the store will alter the quiet and peaceful essence of the community.

"The attitude with this building here is that anything can happen to the quiet area here, and we aren't going to know the new faces coming into the area," Emery Gathers said.

Participants of the rally signed a petition they plan to present to Mount Pleasant Town Council leaders at its meeting Tuesday night at 6:30.

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