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Jquan Scott and Isaac Williams are facing charges of murder and kidnapping. Scott is facing additional charges of armed robbery and possession of a deadly weapon during a violent crime.

Members from all three families, now thrown to the center of this investigation filled the courtroom Tuesday night. Emotions ran high as the families of the two suspects say they were good men.

"This ain't him. This ain't him. This is the type of man who wouldn't even kill a rat," Roger Daniel said of Williams.

Members for Scott's family also spoke out urging the suspect to, "be strong." Several members of Alex App's family were also present, urging the judge to keep the suspects in jail.

"This person shook this young man's mother's hand, and then took him down the road, and slaughtered him," Apps' family member said.

According to affidavits, Scott and Williams met with Apps to discuss buying a truck from Apps. Documents show that the men drove back to a home in Mt. Pleasant, where Apps was allegedly left against his will with unknown people. After leaving for an unknown reason, affidavits show that Scott returned to the home where he forced Apps into the truck. Soon after, Apps was shot in the neck and his body was dumped behind an area of trees on McGrath Darby Boulevard.

Bill Dalton was App's soccer coach and history teacher at Beaufort Academy, a school Apps attended for 12 years.

""It was just shocking it was one of those things," Dalton said. "It seemed like everything was really coming right for Alex, and it's just such a terrible thing to have happened"

Dalton said Apps was an exceptional student and a major athlete who was known for his witty sense of humor and dedication to his friends. Dalton said life was beginning to return to normal for Apps, ten years after his own father was murdered. The coach and teacher said he was looking forward to seeing what Apps' adult life could bring, which included possible plans for law school.

"The thing I'll miss most about him is the conversations we had, the interactions we had in class and really the hope and anticipation he was going to be a happy successful adult," Dalton said.

Authorities say the investigation is on-going, so more charges and more information could be coming forward. Scott and Williams will remain behind bars for the murder.

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