From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

Despite a public hearing on the issue, members from Charleston City Council's Traffic and Transportation Committee decided not to vote on a texting while driving ban Monday night.

Because several members were not present at the scheduled public hearing, those in attendance decided to discuss the ban at their next meeting.

There was a continued push from residents of the Charleston area to have a full hands-free ordinance instead of just a texting while driving ban. Mayor Joe Riley, however, said he supports just a texting while driving ban to keep enforcement uniform between Charleston and the Mount Pleasant.

The Town Council in that municipality will hold a final reading on a texting while driving. Discussions began earlier in the summer, and it seems that Town Council will approve that ordinance.

Drivers who attended Charleston's meeting are hoping the city will follow Mount Pleasant's lead.

"There are only three states in the United States that don't have any texting bans whatsoever and sadly South Carolina is one of those," Stacy Katsibas said. " I know there's other counties in South Carolina that have passed texting bans, so I would love if Charleston would do the same."

Katsibas' mother was killed by a driver who was allegedly texting while driving back in 2010.

A drafted ordinance in the city calls for a $100 fine if a driver is caught texting and driving. One councilman has expressed concern over the ability for police to enforce if the ordinance simply calls for a ban on texting while driving.

The Traffic and Transportation Committee will take up the discussion on September 24.

 Photo Credit: Mark VanDyke Photography/Shutterstock