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It was back in November of 2012 when the Sandy Hook incident took place in Newtown Connecticut. One of the deadliest mass shootings in US history, and it happened at an elementary school.

It stunned the nation as 20 children and 6 adults were shot to death, and it forced schools and cities across the nation to reevaluate their security. One big move was to put additional police officers in schools.

Tonight in North Charleston, it was announced the money and the man power is now in place to more than double the number of resource officers for the upcoming school year.

1/10/13: North Charleston City Council votes to add officers to all schools.

The incident in Newtown, CT was a horrific reminder that school shootings can happen anywhere, at any time. The City of North Charleston has decided that an officer is needed all the time.

 "We will now have somebody inside of every school in North Charleston. Some of our large high schools will actually have two in them."

The officers will be doing nothing but schools. The plan was set in motion not long after Newtown, but the cash for hiring and training new officers wasn't in last year's budget, now it is.

 "I think Sandy Hook brought us to the position that if we didn't do it and something happened at one of the schools, and this is not to say that something still won't happen at the schools, but at least we've done what we can to help prevent it."

1/2/13: Group opposes police officers in all schools

Mayor Summey says the police cruiser alone will act as deterrent, but it will not just be the cruisers. From the 17 officers previously used that number will now be 37 with at least one in every school, every school day, including the elementary schools. Something that brought critics early on, but at this point all on council are in agreement that this is now an idea whose time has come

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