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MURRELLS INLET, SC - Production continues on a new reality show set in Murrells Inlet. The show does not have an official name yet and the cast is based out of a home known as King's Krest.

Neighbors in the area have voiced concerns about the show, filed an appeal with Georgetown County zoning officials and started an online petition to try to keep the reality show from shooting in residential areas.

Warren Stedman lives a few doors down from where the cast of the not yet named show stays. Steadman believes the lights, cameras and production taking place at the home violates Georgetown County zoning laws.

"I believe the taping is a commercial enterprise in a residential neighborhood and it should have never been allowed" said Stedman.

An online petition was started by another Murrells Inlet resident. It claims that the reality show production violates zoning codes and that production should stop. However. county leaders said there is nothing on the books about video taping at residential properties.

"We are saying that the word filmed is not mentioned, whether non-profit or profit, it is not mentioned in the current zoning ordinance" said Boyd Johnson, Georgetown County Director of Building Official Planning & Code Enforcement. "It is just a group of people that rented this house and are living there."

Georgetown County leaders said they can not legally regulate the content crews record but council members and zoning planner hope to establish a set of guideline for filming.

We started looking at what other communities are doing in terms of allowing filming in their area" said Boyd. We don't want to cross the line and end up with something unconstitutional."

The zoning board is expected to hear Stedman's appeal in early September. Filming on the not yet named reality show is expected to be over by then. Johnson said once the appeal process is over then the county can move forward and establish regulations for any videotaping or filming taking place.

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