From our News Partners at WCBD-TV:

If you're in a car accident anywhere in neighboring municipalities to St. Andrews Public Service District and their fire department responds to your call, hefty fees could follow.

Commissioners for the public service district are scheduled to meet Monday night will likely decide on the approval of a ‘Crash-Tax' or accident response-fees that could run up to $1000 per incident.

However, it would only apply to non-residents of the district.

St. Andrews explains that it needs to raise more revenue since their cost solely depends tax-payer dollars and their response to calls have increased due to mutual aid to neighboring areas.

The automatic aid agreement means calls are rolled over to St. Andrews to ensure a better response time to emergency calls to neighboring areas and vice versa.

Some local fire departments don't believe the move is fair, while others believe St. Andrews needs the revenue and believe the mutual aid agreement outweighs the cost.

The fees include: $300 for a fire engine and crew, $350 for a rescue crew, $350 for a ladder crew.

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