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Thursday, town leaders in Hollywood will consider annexing hundreds of acres of land for a massive residential development.

The current development agreement between the town and County Line Investors calls for the town to annex 751 acres of land off Davison Road.  The land would be zoned R2, which allows for seven homes per acre for a total of 5,257 homes.

The town council already passed one vote to annex the land. A second is needed. At the planning commission meeting Thursday, the town's planners will consider the development proposal on the property. Eventually they will make recommendations to the town council on how to proceed.


-Expands the tax base

-Attracts new business

-Opens up cash flow for the town to make infrastructure upgrades

-Helps develop affordable housing

The Coastal Conservation League is opposed to the development.

"Those areas are rural and are intended to remain rural so that the growth can occur within the towns and stimulate the towns while preserving the important ecological resources that are in the rural areas,"  Natalie Olson, CCL Project Manager, explained.  


Sewer availability and capacity


Urban sprawl and uncontrolled growth in rural regions

"CCL opposes this annexation and development agreement because it will promise virtually all of the Town's sewer service to one developer, at the expense of current Hollywood residents, and permanently changes the rural character of the area," Jake Libaire explained.

The town's planning administrator tells News 2 the town has "no desire" to allow for so many homes, and the development agreement is in the preliminary stages.

The issue will be discussed at a planning meeting Thursday at 6:00PM in Hollywood. The public is invited, and the commission will hear from residents. The meeting is not an official public hearing on the subject.

Image courtesy of WCBD-TV.