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I think we can officially say we are done with winter and on to spring judging by the pollen in the air! Another sure sign that spring has sprung is we are starting to see the local redfish break out of their large winter schools and begin scattering out into smaller “pods” of fish, meaning you can start to really target these reds on structure and under docks again much like during the summer months. Trout reports have gradually been on the way up, and though most reports have not constituted large catch numbers (a lot of reports of 6-10fish trips) we have been hearing some good size fish being found in the 18-22” range already…hopefully a sign that april/may will be producing quite a few gator trout for 2014! Flounder reports have still been scattered at best, but once our water temps sustain above 65degrees you can bet the flounder will begin to stack up in our inlets as they push back inshore. Some awesome new lures have recently hit the shelves to target some of these spring fish and you owe it to yourself to come by and check out the new Live Target shrimp as well as some of the new Yo-Zuri topwater baits that will certainly be deadly for spring trout.


It’s time! Yep, trolling reports are definitely on the up-swing as we continue to receive solid reports of blackfin tuna and wahoo coming in from the ledge, especially along the southwest banks and outcrop areas. Cedar plugs and small skirted ballyhoo are your “can’t fail” baits for the blackfin, especially fished well behind the boat (100-200yds). Many of the wahoo have come while fishing ballyhoo for blackfin, but some of the larger fish have been taken while high-speed trolling the ledge with Black Bart San Sal Candy lures, Braid speedsters, and Iland lures rigged with a heavy weighted skirt underneath. Both stores are stocked up on fresh ballyhoo from only the best brands of Bionic, Baitmasters, and Teaser baits!

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Tight Lines and Calm Winds!!

Scott Hammond

Assistant Manager -- Haddrell's Point Tackle West Ashley


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