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Massive amounts of rainfall has changed up our inshore fishery a little bit lately, but don’t be fooled into thinking the bite is not being had. The one thing to keep in mind is that with all the freshwater runoff, anticipate targeting many of our inshore species closer to the inlets and ocean due to lower salinity levels. Reds, trout, flounder, and tarpon reports are still rolling through the doors. Trout are still chomping live shrimp and minnows under a popping float along shell rakes near our inlets in 3-6ft of water, and if ya like to throw artificials the new VuDu Shrimp has been a deadly choice. Flounder reports have still been very solid using live minnows and live mullet as well as Zman PaddlerZ on the artificial side, fished around the edges of rock piles and creek mouths. Reds are still very structure oriented right now at low water situations and being found in good numbers tailing in the grass on the higher tides. Large “bull” reds are still being caught in strong numbers around the jetties and inlets, and tarpon have finally started to show themselves in good numbers around our inlets, with large mullet and menhaden being the baits of choice.


It’s dredge season! Yep, the sailfish bite is going pretty strong so it’s time to break out the dredges and start producing some good numbers on sailfish releases. Better reports on the sails as of late have been in 400-800 ft of water. A few dolphin are still hanging around in 110-250 ft of water, and while the wahoo numbers have not been that great, the wahoo caught have had some good size to them. Bottom fishing continues to produce solid numbers of good size black sea bass in 60-100ft of water, as well as good numbers of triggerfish and grouper in the same depths.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley

Scott Hammond with a 27.5 inch trout recently caught and released in Charleston.

Scott Hammond with a 27.5 inch trout recently caught and released in Charleston.

South Carolina freshwater recreational fishing regulations: (Pdf file):