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Man you have got to love the month of May! Air temps in the low to mid 80′s, water temps in the low 70′s, and an inshore bite that is off the charts good. Flounder have been showing up in good numbers and good sizes, with the better reports coming from rock piles and heavy structure in 4-10ft of water. Live minnows or a live mullet is the old stand by method of targeting some flatties but do not over look throwing a Zman Jerkshad or a Gulp! 3″shrimp. Trout have been around in good numbers, with many fish exceeding 22″. Live shrimp fished around shell rakes in 4-8ft of water is always productive, but if you want to go for a trout gator trout (over 24″) try fishing a little deeper with live mullet or a paddle tail grub in 10-15ft of water. Keep in mind the majority of the large trout right now are females and are full of roe, and every fish that you can release like that right now means many more trout in the future! Reds continue to be found a little bit of all over, from smaller “wolf packs” of 3-6 fish per school up on the shallow flats to slot sized fish hanging under docks at low tide. Live minnows and cut mullet are the natural baits of choice for this, but again a wide variety of artificials can also be used to target these fish. Spanish and bluefish have also begun to school around the jetties and castle pinckney early in the mornings, and a 3/4oz casting jig in silver is all you need for some of this fast paced action.


Any avid offshore fisherman will tell you that the month of May off of SC is the best time to get involved in a wide open bite, especially with dolphin. This year is simply just more proof of that. Reports in the past week have been very strong on numbers of dolphin in the 5-25 pound range, with fish being caught as shallow as 90ft and as deep as 1800ft. A decent wahoo bite remains as well in 130-250ft, and the past couple days have yielded numerous sightings and quite a few releases of Blue Marlin.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley