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The month of October to local surf fisherman is often referred to as red October, and for good reason. The big bull Redfish have been showing up in good numbers off the front beaches the past week, chomping on cut mullet and half of a blue crab. The trout bite has begun to heat up as water temps begin to drop into the low 70′s, even producing some solid catch numbers from anglers “trolling for trout” with 4″ paddle tail grubs along grass edges around high tide. DOA shrimp fished under a popping float have also been deadly on trout recently for those more into casting to shell banks and creek mouths. Inshore reds have begun to transition a little bit into larger schools now, and can be found on the shallow low tide flats ready to inhale a new Savage Shrimp or Zman PogyZ. Flounder have still been hanging around rock piles and structure in 4-12ft of water, and while live mud minnows are always hard to beat for an ole flatfish, do not overlook throwing a 5″ jerkshad rigged on a 1/4oz jighead.


When the weather has allowed, the offshore trolling reports have consisted of great numbers of blackfin tuna in 150-200′ of water as well as some mid-sized wahoo hanging in the same depths along the ledge. The sailfish bite has picked up a bit in the past week, with fisherman getting 2-8shots a day in 250-450′ of water. Bottom fishing reports continue to produce some really large triggerfish in 80-110ft of water, plenty of vermillions, and still some nice grouper along live bottom areas in 70-130′ of water using live baits and butterfly style jigs.

Scott Hammond
Manager – Haddrell’s Point Tackle – West Ashley

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