89th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage

Last night we saw Casey Affleck win the Oscar for Best Actor. However, his win was shrouded with controversy since he's been under sexual harassment allegations since 2010. 

According to numerous reports, Affleck had two women file lawsuits against him for 'unwelcome physical advances' however Casey denies both allegations. 

After his win at the Academy Awards, many fans took to social media to voice their frustrations. However, many caught something very small that is now going viral. 

Brie Larson, who won last year for her role in 'Room' about a rape survivor was seen not clapping or congratulating the actor. 

Do you think this was a misunderstanding or was it Brie sending a message?

See the moment below: 

This is the second time this awards season that Larson, an advocate for sexual assault survivors, has presented Affleck with an award.

Posted by BuzzFeed on Monday, February 27, 2017

Source: Buzzfeed

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