Well…we are officially DONE "nanny" shopping!

As of today, our nanny is selected and she’s on standby for when the kids arrive. She will sorta start doing some things with us to get used to me and my husband and our dog Josie and the house, but she won’t start full-time until they come.


thankful for so much...but especially these two turkeys. ✨ #happythanksgiving

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SO CRAZY!!! Definitely making all of this REAL.


-She’s 26.

-Has nannied for 2 other families.

-Drives a SAFE suv.

-Can be at the house at 4am.

-Loves kids.

-Comes from a huge family!!!

-Doesn’t know Creole (but she said she’ll start practicing with flash cards…whoa she’s better than me!)