Last week we saw the list of 15 things that instantly makes a guy more we have the other list! 15 things that instantly makes a LESS attractive. Agree or disagree?


1.  Aggressive or reckless driving.


2.  A soul patch or goatee.


3.  Wearing anything by Ed Hardy. 


4.  Smoking. 


5.  Calling all their friends "bro."


6.  Having no hobbies or interests.


7.  Not reading books.


8.  Bad manners. 


9.  Bad grammar or spelling. 


10.  Being rude to servers, bartenders, or people who work in retail.      


11.  Swearing a lot.   


12.  Indecisiveness. 


13.  Wearing a Bluetooth headset everywhere.    


14.  Wearing a fedora.


15.  Calling their ex "crazy." (Cosmo)