Charleston Rum Festival 2019

Memminger Auditorium  · 

Drink the Plank, Spin the Wench and Gamble your Booty on Saturday, June 22! Charleston's 2019 Rum Festival is right around the corner (no pun intended, it is located at Memminger Auditorium) and this is an event you won't want to miss. Sample Rums from 20 different global Distilleries, indulge in 35 "Life Altering" cocktails and expand your palate with exotic Caribbean dishes served to you by 15 of Charleston's top chefs.

From Tarot Card Readings to Costume Contests, you'll be sure to have a night you won't forget. Or...maybe you will? Only one way to find out! Be sure to grab tickets while they are still available at:, and find out if a Pirate's Life is for you. Drink up me 'earties!


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