Raelynn Makes An Emotional Announcement On Instagram

Raelynn posted a sweet message to her husband on Instagram for Valentine's Day and also made a pretty big announcement. Her husband, Josh, joined the military and recently left for basic training. 

This is what she wrote in her Instagram post: 

IMPORTANT: My husband has always supported me in everything that I've wanted to do, yesterday began a new adventure for us. Joshua left for basic training to serve in our military and serve his Country. Saying I'm proud doesnt scratch the surface of how I feel. I love his heart and the man that he is more and more every single day. I married up in every way. Please keep him in your prayers, thank you all for the support... prayers to all the families who have a loved one who serve. Im thankful today for my HERO Josh and the best Valentine a wife could ask for. Miss you already ❤


The two will be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary February 27! Raelynn will have some distractions while her hubby is away at training camp. She's about to hit the road with Blake Shelton on his tour and her new album, Wildhorse is coming out March 24. 


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