Officer Helps Girl's Family After She Was Caught Stealing

A 12-Year-Old Girl in Atlanta was caught stealing a pair of $2 shoes from Family Dollar for her five-year-old sister.  She thought she was doing something nice for her little sister. When she told Officer Che Milton of her intentions, he wanted to check out her living conditions and took her home.

When they arrived, Officer Milton couldn't leave without helping out.  He discovered that there were not enough beds for the five children living there and the only other furniture was a beat up old couch.  The kitchen was also very low on food.

Milton came back to the house with four pizzas and a few big soft drinks.  He also contacted the department of children's services to get a social worker to help with the family's living situation.

The Atlanta Police Department is proud of Officer Milton's actions and the more people hear about the family's situation the more they want to help.  Hundreds are coming forward  to help them out.

Photo: Getty Images 


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