Awkward Moments For Thomas Rhett On Today Friday Morning

Thomas Rhett's Today Show Summer Concert Series performance was incredible.  He is gonna be a superstar.  Things didn't get odd until Thomas Rhett co-hosted that awkward 9am hour between the "A" Team leaving and before Hoda and Kathy Lee take over.  I think it's called "Today's Take."  Even on its best day, it's still in NOT good.   Anyway, I felt really bad for Thomas Rhett.  This is the best part of that hour.  But after this segment, things began to spiral out of control. 

You would think that you wouldn't be able to fit so many bad ideas into just 60 minutes. Especially on NATIONAL would be wrong.  There was a bad spelling bee, an awkward game show that involved giant foam cowboy hats...

and then Al Roker almost killed Thomas Rhett's new daughter, Willa. Here is link to Al's Cooking Death Segment...and the "recipe for his delicious Bacon Maple Muffins"

Photo: Getty Images

Video: Today Show

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