Dozens of Police Officers Make 3-Year-Old Girl's Dreams Come True by Visiting Her Lemonade Stand

INJOOne little girl in Kansas City had the time of her life when dozens of police officers showed up to her lemonade stand.

Three-year-old Hannah Pasley wants to be a police officer when she grows up and that's why she started her lemonade stand — to buy herself a police officer costume. According to the Kansas City Star, after holding two separate lemonade stands, she finally raised enough money to buy the costume.

Shortly after purchasing her costume, she went back to work, hoping that the costume would attract an officer to stop by. And with the help of her parents and some other trusted adults, they started to gain some attention on Facebook.

Pleading to people in the area, a friend of Hannah's aunt explained to Facebook how Hannah loves the police and would love for them to come buy lemonade.

Sure enough, the first one came about an hour and a half after the original Facebook posts. Then a flood of officers started showing up at Hannah's stand.

Some came in squad cars with flashing lights and sirens, while others came on horseback. In total, she got to meet about 50+ police officers, as well as some police dogs and horses. There was even a helicopter fly over, according to the report.

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Photo: Facebook

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