Chihuahua Made Honorary Police K9

Abandoned Pup Made Honorary LPD K9 for the Day

From Abused and Abandoned to Honorary LPD K9 - Meet CoffeeBean This is CoffeeBean, a 17 year-old Chihuahua, who was severely neglected, abused and left at an intersection in Miami. Thankfully he was rescued from the street and now has a loving home with Tiffany and Billy Hutto. Their only goal is to make sure he experiences the love every dog should. They came up with a Bucket List for CoffeeBean so that he could catch up on some of the adventures he most likely has missed out on. Yesterday we helped add to his growing Bucket List. Chief Giddens and K9 Officer Whitaker were happy to met with the Huttos and make CoffeeBean and honorary LPD K9 for the day! Complete with his new badge and treats, he got to check out the K9 vehicle and met K9 Nox. He also made stops at City of Lakeland, FL - Government to receive a "Bone To the City" from City Manager Tony Delgado, hopped on a fire truck at Lakeland Fire Department and enjoyed a cool treat at Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille: Lakeland. Check out this short video with a few highlights! Good Luck CoffeeBean and thank you Tiffany and Billy for showing unconditional love to this special little guy.

Posted by LakelandPD on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

There's a new cop on the force.  Police in Lakeland, Florida have made an abused chihuahua an honorary K9 officer.  Coffee Bean, a 17-year-old dog, was found abused and neglected at a Miami intersection. He's got a new home with loving owners who put together a bucket list for little Coffee Bean which included a recent turn on the force.  

Local officers were happy to help, giving him a badge and probably of more interest to Coffee Bean, treats.  He got to hang out in the K9 vehicle and meet one of the full time police dogs.

Photo: Facebook


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