Teen Breaks Down When He Gets A Guitar From His Late Father

Johnny Crow's dad John died unexpectedly shortly before Johnny's 16th birthday, but prior to his passing, John got his son a very meaningful birthday gift - a guitar to encourage Johnny to pursue music. Johnny was caught off guard by the present, and his sister captured his reaction to it. 

Johnny's sister took him to a Michigan music store and asked if he was ready to see his gift. An employee opened a soft case to show off the gleaming new electric guitar it held and told a shocked Johnny, "It's for you, man." 

Johnny's sister told the Huffington Post, "Johnny has been wanting this guitar for a while. He would joke with my dad about getting it in the future. [Their dad] was a HUGE supporter of Johnny’s music dream and lived for his family. My dad would tell everyone that he knew Johnny was going to be famous one day and worked hard to get him there."

Hopefully Johnny will make it big and we'll see him playing the guitar live onstage some day soon. 

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