Marine Not Allowed To Wear Uniform At NC Graduation

It takes a lot of bravery and strength to earn a Marine uniform. It's said to be one of the toughest branches of out military to complete basic training. Yet, one North Carolina High School student was banned from wearing his uniform at graduation. 

Tristan Roseman, senior at East Rowan H.S. and is parents were very upset with the high school got telling them his dress blues would 'stand-out' too much and he couldn't wear them. 

“As parents we felt really honored and proud of our son serving our country,” Tristan’s mother Sherri told WCNC. “For him to not be allowed to walk across the stage in his uniform, that really hurt us.”

School principle Julie Erdie told the family she wanted the graduation dress code consistent. They considered this "a slap in the face" and a "disgrace". I agree! I think he earned the uniform and deserved to display it with honor and pride in front of his peers. It would only stand out as a great accomplishment for the school and Tristan. They should be honored to have him graduating with that uniform from their school.

Principle Erdie later told NBC Charlotte that she "vaguely" remembered the conversation and wished they would've had a more in-depth conversation about it, to come up with a resolution. The Roseman's claim they talked to her about it twice. 

District spokesperson Rita Foil promised in a statement they would be discussing the matter in the next Education meeting in August. and said "We truly regret that this happened. (Read more WCNC)

I have the utmost respect for all our military and anyone willing to make that sacrifice to defend this country! This high school should feel ashamed about this. They get so huffy and strict about graduation and forget that it should be a celebration of accomplishments. I see Tristan's uniform as one of the highest accomplishments, and it should've been on display for graduation. He EARNED that uniform! 

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