Michael Ray and Carly Pearce…DATING!

Look out world, the Nashville Palace has dubbed a new courtship! 

Its official, Michael Ray and Carly Pearce are a “thing.”

If you follow Carly Pearce or Michael Ray on Instagram, then you have seen the lengthy list of star-studded warm and fuzzy comments that followed their debut couple photo!

The striking image encompasses the couple’s flirty friendship and joyous close embrace.

Michael Ray, who is currently traveling to play shows in Wyoming and the Dakotas, was eager to share the elated news with Cody Alan. “She did all the work…She slid into the DMS…”

Listen to what the “Think A Little Less” singer had to share about Carly and how their affinity toward classic country music was the groundwork of their relationship.

In 1942, Bambi introduced us to the term “Twitterpated.” This love story might have been originally share on Instagram, but the fairytale parallel is too close that we had to bring it up.

Listen Saturday on CMT After Midnite for the full interview.

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb


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