Who Is Allie Colleen? Details On Garth Brooks' Daughter's Music Career

Garth Brooks' daughter is taking command of her music career, and she's chosen to do so without the help of her father's name.

Allie Colleen grew up not as a celebrity's child, but as a regular girl from Oklahoma. She was the youngest of Brooks' children. Her parents were dedicated to co-parenting, even switching parental duties at 6:00PM daily. After making a deal with her father to attend college prior to a record contract, Allie graduated from Belmont University. She then pursued her music career because she says "it's the only thing I'm good at." Colleen has chosen to use her middle name rather than the "Brooks" name, and she's committed to finding her own sound. She says:

"I feel like I have a pretty weird pop vocal, which makes it a little hard to find my place in the country music genre."

Colleen's debut single, "Work in Progress", is a dedication to her late grandmother and a label she reserves for herself. You can listen below.

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