Lauren Alaina Using Her DWTS Skills in Video For "Getting Good"

lauren alaina at coastal carolina fair

Just missing the top spot on reality shows is getting to be the norm for Lauren Alaina. She was the runner up on American Idol a few years back (the season Josh Turner's son, Scotty, won) and...even with perfect scores from the judges...she landed in fourth place this season.

I heard on the Bobby Bones show that Hannah Brown from one of those Bachelor or Bachelorette shows won. I'm sure she is sitting in a hot tub right now telling that mirrorball that she loves him. I think I heard from someone that TMZ reported that Hannah also promised that mirrorball that he is enough to keep her happy and she has no desire to compete for the top prize on any other reality show (unless another reality show comes along).

Anyway....back to Lauren...she has made a pretty nice career outta being our FAVORITE runner up! Think about it...can you name more that 5 American Idol Winners? Nope! And Lauren didn't even win and she has been a constant on Country Radio. She is one of my favorites to see LIVE or chat with on the air!

She also does a great job of making the most of her situation. Before DWTS...she said she could barely dance. Now look at how confident she is. She just debuted the video for "Getting Good" and she used everything she learned for DWTS to put her dancing skills on display with her DWTS Pro Partner in the video. Enjoy!

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