Dylan Scott Says Son Is Loving Life As A Big Brother

Dylan Scott Says Son Is Loving Life As A Big Brother

Dylan Scott Says Son Is Loving Life As A Big Brother

Dylan Scott and his wife Blair welcomed their second child, Finley Gray back in August 2019. Since then, the couple's first child, 2-year-old son Beckett, caught on to the big brother role pretty quickly.

"Oh, he loves her so much," Scott tells People. "He always kisses her on the forehead. I'll see him do it an I'll be like, 'Where did you learn that from?' There has been no jealousy whatsoever. He just loves his sister."

As Beckett's adjusted to life as a big brother, he's also been exploring a few new hobbies himself. Scott says he already has a feeling his son will follow in his musical footsteps.

"We got him a little piano for his birthday, and I'm not kidding, the kid can already hold a tune," the country singer shares. "He loves music and singing."

As for Finley, she's about 4-months old now and doing quite a bit of sleeping. "My daughter is 4 months old now and she’s been in that infant stage where they just pretty much sleep," Scott says adding, "but she’s beginning to follow me with her eyes as I walk around the room, you know?"

"She smiles and I just love it. It’s probably super early to assume she’s going to be daddy’s little girl, but yeah, she’s going to be daddy’s little girl,” Scott says laughing. “She’s got me wrapped around her tiny little finger, that’s for sure.”

As a father of two, Scott doesn't have nearly as much time as he used to to enjoy hobbies of his own like hunting, but he says he's gained so much more from his children. "It’s so cool to see a human you created grow up,” says Scott. “It’s just cool to know that I am their dad.”

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