Top 10 Country Songs in 2019

It's no doubt that Country music had a big year in 2019, with breakout artists and huge hits helping the genre not only gain more fans domestically, but also internationally.

Australia is one of those places that has a huge country music following. The top 10 country songs for 2019 that made waves down under include Maren Morris "The Bones", Morgan Wallen's "Whiskey Glasses", Morgan Evans "Diamonds", which was inspired by his wife, Kelsea Ballerini.

Ballerini also made Australia's top 10 country songs of 2019 with her song, "Homecoming Queen." Keith Urban, who is Australia's biggest star, comes in at number 3 with his hit, "We Were." Luke Combs became a household name in 2019 with the help of his hit, "Beer Never Broke My Heart." But Blanco Brown tops the list with "The Git Up" which sparked a dance craze on TikTok and birthed the "TrailerTrap" genre. The song gained over 500 million streams in 2019, making it the breakout song of the year.