LANCO's Chandler Baldwin, Tripp Howell Both Expecting Their First Children

LANCO's Chandler Baldwin, Tripp Howell Both Expecting Their First Children

LANCO's Chandler Baldwin and Tripp Howell are both expecting their first children. The musicians confirmed the news to People sharing several snapshots from a photo shoot with their wives.

"My wife [Alli] and I could not be more excited about being parents," Howell told the publication. "It's literally the greatest gift God could give us."

Baldwin said that he and his wife Natalie "are both incredibly excited to become parents and thank God every day for such an amazing gift!"

"In a year full of uncertainty and craziness, it has been so nice to have something to celebrate and look forward to together," he added.

Baldwin and Howell continued on to share how thankful and joyful they were to find out both of their wives were due to give birth in May.

"If the pandemic gave Natalie and me anything, it was more time at home with each other and more time to do things like ... start a family!" Baldwin said. "I guess Tripp and Alli had the same idea we had, because they told us they were pregnant the day before our appointment to confirm our pregnancy."

"Once we had the appointment and were sure we were pregnant, we went straight to their house to tell them, 'Hey ... us, too!' " he continued. "Our due dates are only a couple weeks apart, so it's been nice to have close friends to navigate all of this with."

"It gives us such joy in the midst of a difficult year," Howell notes. "It's been very tough not being able to tour, but the positive is that we've had a lot of time to reflect and grow as a couple and focus on our family."

Howell and his wife found out they are having a baby boy, while Baldwin and his wife don't know yet. Baldwin explained, "We are set to find out late December. Our anniversary is on New Year's Eve, so we're waiting to find out that day as an anniversary surprise to one another."

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