This Is South Carolina's Most Unique Christmas Tradition

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Decking the halls, listening to your favorite holiday tunes, decorating a tree with lights, ornaments and tinsel. If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you have a tradition you look forward to each year. While some are pretty run of the mill, others may offer a bizarre yet still festive take on the holiday.

Insider looked at the fun and interesting holiday traditions people around the country pick up this time of year, compiling a list of the most unique Christmas tradition in each state, from an underground winter wonderland in Alabama and a town-wide scavenger hunt in Vermont to a Rhode Island tradition of building a tree out of lobster traps.

So what is South Carolina's most unique Christmas tradition?

A Glimpse of the Past

No, it's not like the Ghost of Christmas Past visiting Scrooge in A Christmas Carol to scare him into being good. For this tradition, a historic Charleston house transforms into what Christmas in the 1800s would look like pre-Civil War.

Here's what Insider had to say:

"In 1860, Charleston, South Carolina, was about to enter the Civil War. To remember that turbulent time, the Edmondston-Alston House give visitors the opportunity to try and imagine what Christmas Day before the Civil War was like."

Check out Insider's full list to see all the best, most unique Christmas traditions around the country.

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