South Carolina Destination One Of The Best Weekend Getaways In The South

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One destination in South Carolina is being recognized as being one of the best places for a quick getaway from your busy life. Travel + Leisure searched around the southern United States to find some great destinations for a quick trip, compiling a list of 25 of the best weekend getaways in the South, and one spot in South Carolina managed to make the cut. According to the site:

"It's time to explore the South — a place where live oaks meet Atlantic-washed shores, where extraordinary caverns lie below the surface, where blues and jazz clubs blare music 'til late, and where a glass of bourbon is never too far off."

Of South Carolina's must-visit cities and destinations, Charleston earned a spot as one of the best weekend getaways in the South, largely in part to its stunning views, friendly atmosphere and incredible restaurant scene.

Here's what the site had to say:

"If Southern hospitality had an absolute epicenter, it'd be Charleston, South Carolina. The city is the real deal in one walkable package, known for candy-colored homes fronted by palmettos and lush gardens shaded by oaks. Yet the city isn't exactly frozen in time; Charleston's culinary and shopping scenes are very much of the here and now, and there's always a new hotel to check out."

Check out the full list at Travel + Leisure to read up on more of the best weekend getaways around the South.

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