Chs. School Board Chair says ‘no motion ... vote’ during special meeting

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - After a fiery and contentious meeting, the chair of the Charleston County School Board is reacting this afternoon to the accusations that she and her fellow board members colluded to deceive the public.

Tuesday night the board met behind closed doors to discuss the contract of Superintendent Dr. Eric Gallien and to address a personnel issue.

Four of the board members accused the chair and the other four of not explaining what exactly they were discussing, all while members of the public packed the school board chamber speculating that the five members of the board were about to fire the superintendent.

“The September 11 special called meeting was to clarify the duties and responsibilities of the superintendent based on the contract,” Chair Pam McKinney said. “The executive session discussed these and no motion for a vote evolved.”

Gallien’s contract began on July 1 after a year-and-a-half-long search.

Two other finalists for the position dropped out before they had the opportunity to meet with the community.

The Charleston County School Board voted 6-3 to approve Gallien’s contract, which made him the highest-paid employee in the Charleston County School District’s history with a salary of $275,000. After his first year, that salary will increase by 2% annually.

“I look forward to working with Dr. Gallien to ensure the best education for every student in CCSD,” McKinney said.

Charleston County School District Board of Trustee members Daron Calhoun and Darlene Roberson issued the following statement in response to McKinney’s statement regarding Monday’s meeting:

With all due respect to Chairman McKinney, and to offer full transparency without giving the details of matters discussed, the responsibility of the superintendent was only a portion of the executive session. We also discussed procedures of termination for a position and grounds certain board members felt a termination of a contract may be necessary.

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