South Carolina Eatery Serves The Best Pancakes In The State

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

There are few breakfast food items as beloved, and customizable, as pancakes. From fluffy flapjacks topped with warm fruity compote and whipped cream to short stacks smothered in butter and syrup to savory-sweet recipes sure to impress, pancakes are definitely a crowd pleaser.

According to a list compiled by the Food Network, the best pancakes in South Carolina can be found at Page's Okra Grill in Mt. Pleasant which serves not only incredible Southern comfort food but delicious and affordable flapjacks as well.

Page's Okra Grill is located at 302 Coleman Boulevard.

This is what Food Network had to say about the best pancakes in South Carolina:

"Leaving hungry is never a possibility at this legendary Mt. Pleasant hub for authentic Southern comfort food, which comes in consistently in the No. 1 spot on all the local best-of lists. Fueling up on a budget? Go for the $6 buttermilk stack, piled three high, and add fresh fruit, bacon or chocolate chips for an extra $1.50. If you're in the mood to splurge, upgrade to the $9 Loaded Pancakes: The same wholesome buttermilk batter is loaded up with pieces of apple-smoked bacon and sausage, griddled to golden perfection, then topped off with a generous dollop of whipped honey butter."

If you want to see where else in the country to find incredibly tasty pancakes, view the full list at Curious about other restaurants serving yummy pancakes around South Carolina? Check out our previous coverage of what are considered some of the "absolute best" pancakes in the state.

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