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Wes Anderson Gets Big Stars in New Flick "Asteroid City"

New in Marcus Theatres, Wes Andersons "Asteroid City"

Genre: Comedy,Romance

Rating: PG13, on appeal for brief graphic nudity, smoking and some suggestive material

Runtime: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Director: Wes Anderson,Wes Anderson

Starring: Scarlett JohanssonLiev SchreiberWillem DafoeMargot RobbieBryan CranstonAdrien BrodyRupert FriendJason SchwartzmanStephen ParkMatt DillonHope DavisGrace EdwardsJeff GoldblumTilda SwintonTony RevoloriSteve CarellTom HanksJeffrey WrightHong ChauFisher StevensEdward NortonSophia LillisRita WilsonMaya HawkeJake RyanAristou Meehan

Synopsis: The itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention (organized to bring together students and parents from across the country for fellowship and scholarly competition) is spectacularly disrupted by world-changing events.

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