Lunchbox's Dad Drove Him In Van To High School Reunion

Lunchbox High School Reunion

For weeks Lunchbox has been talking about his high school reunion on The Bobby Bones Show. He talked about renting a flashy car to show up in like a Lamborghini or a Tesla, the show's famous friend Brooklyn Decker even offered up her Tesla for Lunchbox to borrow while he was in town. Nothing seemed to work out though, from Lunchbox not wanting to PAY for a car to wanting to be able to say it was "Brooklyn Decker's Tesla."

As it turns out, Lunchbox's dad actually wanted to take him to the high school reunion as a little nostalgia event. His dad used to take him to school and he wanted to drop him off in his white van to relive the memories. So Lunchbox's wife sat in the front seat and he sat in the back on a paint bucket. Not quite as glamorous as he had planned.