The 8 Most "Instagrammable" Places in Charleston This Spring

Charleston, SC has become one of the most places to visit. It's southern hospitality and beauty is unlike any other. Last year we were named The Best City in the United States by Travel and Leisure and number 2 in the world. 

Let's capitalize off of its spring beauty and leave our Instagram feeds filled with excellent content for your followers to enjoy and hopefully get you some hearts. Here are a list of the most "Instagrammable" places to photograph in and around Charleston, South Carolina.

1. 52 Meeting Street

Everywhere in Downtown Charleston is filled with southern charm but the fences at 52 Meeting Street on another level. This spring, give your photos a pop of color with the blooming Wisteria flower backdrop. 


2. Rainbow Row

Obviously, Rainbow Row is another great place to give your photos some color. Located between 79 to 107 East Bay Street, the 13 buildings are some of the most photographed locations in Charleston. Their pastel colors and classic Georgian architecture has made Rainbow Row a staple of Charleston. 


3. The Watch Rooftop Kitchen & Spirits

Looking for a great rooftop location to Instagram and maybe grab a few drinks? The Watch Rooftop at The Restoration Hotel has some great views; perfect for a spring sunset.


4. Pitt Street Bridge

This old trolley bridge is an awesome place to photograph. There are so many different types of people to photograph. On any given day you can find people fishing, runners, puppies, dolphins swimming, and beautiful sunsets. All this with the scenic view of the Ravenel Bridge to the north east.


5. The Skinny Dip

The Skinny Dip in downtown Charleston has some great Instagrammable character from it's flower wall to the white painted brick walls. Stop by the Coffee and Wine Bar and snap some pics for your Instagram feed. 


6. Sunset Cay Ship Store

If you need a sunset in your Instagram, Sunset Cay is the place to go. Overlooking the Sunset Cay Marina on Folly Beach, you will experience some incredible sunsets. Grab some drinks and enjoy the view.


7. Leon's Oyster Shop

There's nothing more southern than chicken and oysters. This charming/award-winning restaurant on King Street is perfect for your Instagram feed. The rustic patio seating and facade is throws off some really good vibes. Plus grab a ice cream cone and some frozen drinks for the warm weather. 


8. Fort Moultrie

The historic fort on Sullivans Island might not be the first place you think of when you want to post an Instagram, but the place has a lot of variety to offer for your shots. Inside the fort, you'll find bright yellow walls you can use as backdrops contrast that with creepy corridors. The black painted walls on the outside can give you some great moody portraits. 

Walk out to the beach and take some pictures on the jetty or the sunsetting over downtown Charleston. 


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