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The Notebook Filming Locations in Charleston

15 years after its release date, The Notebook continues to be one of the most popular Romantic Drama's of this century. The film originated as an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' 1996 hit novel, The Notebook, and although the story is set in Seabrook, South Carolina, most of the filming happened right here in Charleston!

This Romantic Drama starring Ryan Gosling (Noah Calhoun) and Rachel McAdams (Allie Hamilton) is set in the 1940s and features two young adults who fall deeply in love despite the disapproval of the young lady's parents. Noah Calhoun was a mill-worker who came from a very poor family and wasn't given even a fraction of what Allie Hamilton was. Allie came from an upper-class, wealthy family and was given things like elegant Summer vacations on a plantation and higher-education.

And although these two came from two very different backgrounds, they fell madly in love with each other and developed a bond more valuable than money. This bond stood both the test of time and Allie Hamilton's parents desperate disapproval.

Throughout the enchanting Romantic Drama, The Notebook, viewers get to enjoy all that Charleston's landscape has to offer!

Boone Hall Plantation

Allie's summer home was filmed at Boone Hall Plantation. A number of scenes were filmed on the property including a scene where the Hamilton family has dinner on the back lawn of Boone Hall. You can also see the couple biking down the Avenue of Oaks.

Boone Hall Plantation is still a working plantation, which has continued to grow crops for 320 years. 

Cypress Gardens

The excessively famous romantic, lake scene was filmed at the Cypress Gardens in Moncks Corner. If you go take a tour you can see the exact location where the movie was filmed (row boat and all 😉). 

This scene almost got cut from the film because the movie studio figured there was no way to keep the birds in the lake. Fortunately, the director bought a bunch of the swans as babies and raised them next to the water so they would be comfortable when filming. 

College of Charleston

The College of Charleston campus at 66 George Street doubled as New York's Sarah Lawrence College, where Allie was attending school.

High Cotton

When Noah returned from serving in WWII, he looks through the window of a restaurant to see Allie eating with her new fiance. This scene was filmed at High Cotton in Downtown Charleston

King Street & The American Theater

During their first date, Noah and Allie take a stroll down King Street in front of the historic American Theater. They laid in the street watching a traffic light hoping no cars would come before getting up and dancing.

Matins Point Plantation

The old dilapidated house that Noah fixes up in the film is a private residence at Martins Point Plantation on Wadmalaw Island. During production, this house wasn't actually in disrepair like the movie portrayed. They used visual effects to make the house look old during the first half of the movie. 

Old Village

The Old Village in Mount Pleasant was used for various outdoor scenes that doubled as the town of Seabrook Island where the Notebook takes place. 

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