Leon's Oyster Shop Upgrading Outdoor Seating - Open During Construction!

Leon's Oyster Shop on Upper King Street is upgrading! They are transforming their outdoor seating area to provide a better experience for patrons. They will be "upgrading to a deluxe covered patio situation with a tip of the hat to filling stations of the past." The new set up will be heated during the winter, fan-cooled in the summertime, and rainproof year-round! If you've been lucky to visit Leon's, then you know just how incredible their food is, but how tough it can be to secure a seat in their dining room! Hopefully this new addition will allow for more seating, and less of a wait. They also plan to upgrade their HVAC systems, which is fabulous to hear, since it has been a point of contention for customers in the warmer months. They will continue to serve during their patio construction, so don't hesitate to check them out if you've never been!



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