The History of Pineapples in Charleston

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston

Whether you've explored Charleston or not, I'm sure you've noticed a trend when it comes to seeing pineapples everywhere. This symbolized what the South is known best for, hospitality. Not only does it resemble that though, the pineapple has a lot more history that dates back to Christopher Columbus times. It is said that on his second expedition to what would become the new world, he discovered the pineapple and brought samples back with him.

Because the fruit resembled exotic lands that captains would sail to it soon became a symbol for sailors that had arrived home. They would spear a pineapple to let people know they were back and to set out an open invitation for neighbors to come and enjoy a meal or drink. This fruit soon became a symbol for friendship and welcoming and continues to do so!

Today, Charleston continues to embrace the pineapple. In 1990, Mayor Joseph P. Riley unveiled the Pineapple Fountain, now called Waterfront Park, which is a known area and is one of the top places people come to Charleston to visit.

Where have you seen pineapples around Charleston?

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